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Space Roof

Offering both stadium and festival versatility the Acorn Space Roof comes with different sizing options.

Self-climbing stage system with large rigging capacity.

With three different size options, 4 Tower, 6 Tower or 8 Tower, the Acorn Space Roof is a self-climbing stage system that provides a large capacity for production rigging with both an upper and lower grid to the

Modular in both width and depth, widths from 16 metres to 33 metres and depths from 12 metres to 21 metres, the Space Roof stage has a Layher platform that incorporates ballast for stability, essential when delivering an outdoor event that can be subject the different elements of nature.

An Acorn Space Roof stage offers integral PA hangs that provide up to 4000kg of load capacity per side. In addition, it also incorporates cowsheds to the side and rear that are up to 6 metres deep. With a load capacity of up to 60,000kg and integral Layher load –in ramp and access stage the Acorn Space Roof offers versatility in both a stadium and festival setting.

Possibly the easiest to brand stage in the Acorn range, the Space Roof ticks many of the boxes clients have on their staging needs list.

Because it is a self-climbing structure the Acorn Space Roof reduces the need for cranes or additional machinery during installation lowering the impact to the environment. As with most of Acorn’s temporary structures and staging, the Space Roof components are delivered to the installation site flat-packed to reduce transportation and are re-usable was de-rig has taken place.

In 2022 the Acorn Space Roof has hosted artists at events like Victorious Festival and Creamfields as well as providing the stage space for Robbie Williams homecoming charity concert at Port Vale Football Club.

Technical Specifications

  • Modular construction
  • Widths 16m to 33m
  • Depths 12m to 21m
  • Trim height 8m to 16m
  • Approximate build time – 2 to 4 days

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