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Mega Roof

Launched by Acorn in 2019 at the Lytham Festival as a next level stage for larger productions, the Mega Roof is a hydraulic stage, eliminating, on occasion, the need to use a crane.

The Mega Roof is a next level stage for larger productions

With a stage width of up to 29 metres and a trim height of up to 20 metres, the Mega Roof has an integral full width eyebrow extending forward to 6.6 metres for weather protection. This eyebrow has a substantial rigging capacity as it is integral part of the stage structure.

With a load capacity of up to 75,000 kg the Mega Roof has high impact integral video wings and integral PA hang of up to 5000 kg. A stage depth of up to 25 metres allows for either elaborate sets or large changeover space capacity on the stage while the eyebrow and stage width ensures a 180 degree audience sight line.

Suitable in the main for Festival and Concerts, the Acorn Mega Roof can also be utilised for high impact events where a flagship staging feature is required. It is transported to the installation site flat packed reducing haulage requirements and environmental impact.

Around 90% of the components used in the Mega Roof build are re-used in other areas of Acorn Structures work adding further to the reduction in environmental impact.

Acorn’s Mega Roof has appeared at Lytham Festival 2019 and Aviva Stadium, Dublin in 2022 hosting 3 genres of music over a number of weeks from Harry Styles, The Eagles and Ireland’s own Westlife.

Technical Specifications

  • Widths up to 20.7m
  • Depths up to 17.6m
  • Trim height of 11.2m
  • Approximate build time – 2 to 4 days

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