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Dome Stage

Acorn Structures’ Dome Stage is available in two size options, the Mega Dome and 16m Dome.

Mega Dome is part of the Acorn Mega Collection of stages

Mega Dome

With its imposing structure, the Mega Dome is part of the Acorn Mega Collection of stages that derive from the Acorn Mega Structure. Providing Dome Stage aesthetics with the rigging trim of a flat roof stage, the Mega Dome is suitable for larger festivals and concerts. Offering a stage performance width of 21m, the depth of this stage is modular and supplied in 2.5m increments. With a trim height of 12m, the Mega Dome stage header provides a space for event branding to add a unique feel to this focal feature.

Goalposts to suit any screen size or PA weights are typically supplied for either side of the Mega Dome stage while cowsheds and access stairs and load-in ramps are integral.

Transported in a flat pack configuration, Acorn’s Mega Dome has an approximate build time of 2 days making it a quick solution where timescales are limited for installation to take place.

16M Dome

One of the smallest stages in the Acorn range, the 16m Dome is a lower budget option for smaller festivals and concerts or new events where revenue from ticket sales is uncertain but a quality stage is essential. With a Layher scaffold base, the 16m Dome is suitable for any ground conditions or load bearing capacity. Providing a 14m stage performance width, Acorn’s 16m Dome stage depth is also supplied in 2.5m increments. Access ramps and ancillary structures are tailored by Acorn’s experienced in-house sales and design team to suit the installation space available. The 16m Dome stage comes with three different design options for PA towers and a rigging capacity of up to 18,000kg.

No crane is required to install the 16m Dome and the installation time is around 1 to 2 days with an equally quick de-rig time when your event is over.

If a Dome Stage option seems like an ideal staging solution for your festival and concert, sporting event or Winter festival than give the Acorn Sales team a call today.

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