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Arc Roof

A stage suitable for large Festivals or intimate concerts, the Acorn Arc Roof offers sizing variability.

Acorn’s Arc Roof brings a variation to stage style

With an opportunity for varying height, width and depth sizing the Acorn Arc Roof offers a visibly different staging style.

Modular widths from 19 metres to 26 metres and depths from 12 metres to 20 metres, the Arc Roof stage has a Layher platform that incorporates ballast for stability, essential when delivering an outdoor event that can be subject to the different elements of nature. With a Layher base, the Arc Roof can be built on any ground conditions.

Acorn’s Arc Roof stage comes with integral cowsheds as well as integral Layher load-in ramp and access stairs. It also has a large rigging capacity making it a perfect choice for larger festivals and concerts.

An added feature to the Arc Roof stage is the large branding surface including stand out header banner that has clear visibility from a distance.

Acorn’s Arc Roof has appeared at Victorious Festival and Kew the Music in recent years.

Technical Specifications

  • 26m or 19m stage performance width
  • Stage depth modular in 4m increments
  • Trim height – 8 to 16 m
  • Approximate build time – 3 to 4 days

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