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Ancillary Staging Structures

In addition to the staging supplied by Acorn, a wide selection of ancillary staging structures can be provided to ensure all client’s staging needs are met.

We build outstanding bespoke structures across the United Kingdom

Ancillary staging structures include, but are not limited to:

Front of House & Camera Towers

Due to the in-house knowledge and experience in the staging sector and extensive kit inventory Acorn have, they are able to design and build an extensive range of Front of House options. Single, double and triple storey Front of House structures are available with variable width and depth to suit production needs. Acorn Front of House structures come in two main styles, mono pitch and curved roof.

Delay & Follow Spot Towers

Available in sizes ranging from 9m to 19m, Acorn Delay and Follow Spot Towers have a minimal footprint on site. The towers offer options for PA, Robo Spot and Birds Nest Towers with a load bearing capacity of up to 2500kg. With two options, self-climbing V towers and straight masts, these towers are suitable for stadium or green field locations, engineered to high wind speeds with structural calculations.

Screen Support

Screen supports can be supplied by Acorn in two different ways, as truss goalposts or as Layher chair screen supports. Truss goalposts can accommodate any size of screen, PA and can have branded scrims fixed to them where required. Offering a light weight solution where no crane is necessary, truss goalposts are designed and engineered solutions for both ancillary staging provision and stand-alone features.

Layher chair screen supports are built using Layher system scaffold. They are designed and built by Acorn to suit the screen width and height.


Experts in provision of platforms, Acorn are able to supply a variety of platforms around their staging to create Thrusts, B Stages, Screamers, Monitor Troughs or Camera Track that further enhance the audience’s event experience and, in some cases, increase the stage space for artists to perform.

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