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Formula E

Event: London E-Prix
Event Date: July 2021 – 2024
Location: ExCel, London

Since 2021 Acorn have worked in partnership with Formula E to successfully deliver the temporary structures at the London E-Prix, Excel.

Due to the rules of the venue and the high profile of the event, strict timescales are imposed. Because Acorn are a preferred supplier of ExCel, Acorn crew had already undergone accreditation and are familiar with the site. Acorn worked together with Formula E and alongside other contractors to ensure the key milestones of the project were achieved on time and that the project was successfully delivered from build to dismantle.

Acorn Products:

Double Pedestrian Bridges

3no. 20m wide Layher System Scaffold pedestrian bridges to span the racetrack indoor and 1no. outdoor. Each bridge to have 2no. Geda passenger hoists, one at either end of the bridges. LED Floodlights, Main Exit Signs and Twin Beam lighting installed on each bridge.


Various Internal & external cable gantries in Layher 750 Steel HD beam with internal spans varying from 16 – 19m in length and 2m wide. Each with 2no. Layher System Scaffold support towers and Integral ballast.

Platforms / Podiums

Various Internal platforms with HD Deck Finish, ledger handrails and Layher site staircase access where required built up to a height of 6m.

External Ramps & Stairs

Various Layher System Scaffold external access and loading ramps and stairs in the East Carpark. Built to a height of 500mm with childproof guardrails to exposed edges