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Winter Festivals

With an ever- growing popularity across the United Kingdom for Winter Festivals, Acorn helps clients create temporary structures that provide innovative experiences.

Acorn can help create Winter Festival magic.

From ground levelling platforms for ice rinks to elaborate structures that can house Santa and an army of elves, Acorn can help create Winter Festival magic.

Year on year the demand for Winter Festival structures grows. From temporary walkways and railings to make accessibility easy for all to pavilions that can house shopping experiences or Santa, his reindeer and an entourage of helpers, Acorn have the in-house team to design and build whatever clients need.

Ice rinks are a popular sight across towns and cities in Winter months and many have Acorn ground levelling platforms beneath them. Building a level structure on uneven ground, or even a hill, can be made possible with the correct platform beneath whether that is in a wide-open space or unique setting.

Winter Festivals often need additional access infrastructure to prevent weather conditions ruining the event.

With one of the largest inventories of Layher platform kit in the United Kingdom, Acorn Structures can ensure that the demand of multiple clients can be met at any one time.

From ice slides to Tipi floors, walkways to mock Apres-Ski bars and most recently an aerial skating rink, Acorn Structures have provided advice, knowledge and a crew experienced in all-weather installation to ensure client Winter Festivals have exceeded audience expectations.

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