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Sporting Events

For over a decade Acorn have built temporary structures for some of the most prestigious sporting events hosted in the United Kingdom.

Staying ahead of the game

With an array of events that include London 2012 Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Glasgow and Birmingham, the London Marathon, UEFA Euros 2022, UCI Road World Championships in Harrogate and Wimbledon to name just a very few, Acorn have been involved in building an extensive array of scaffold-based structures and grandstands that have enabled access, safety, security and spectator enjoyment at sporting events in a variety of locations both permanent and temporary.

With a continued trend for mass participation endurance sporting events, Acorn has also played a pivotal role in the design and build of obstacles for a number of different clients who specialise in this particular event type, not only in the United Kingdom but also in countries across Europe.

Where sporting events are to be hosted in temporary and often remote locations with inadequate infrastructure for spectator numbers, Acorn can provide structures such as access ramps, staircases, bridges and grandstand seating to overcome some of the problems that organisers might face in the delivery of such events. Service and signage gantries are also key features of Acorn Structures’ sporting event provision.

When sporting events are to be recorded or televised, Acorn Structures can provide camera and media platforms in the exact locations they are needed to ensure the action is captured in the most strategic places to maximise viewer satisfaction of the sporting spectacular taking place.

Get in touch with the Acorn Sales team to understand more about the temporary structures Acorn Structures can provide for your sporting event however large or small it might be

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