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Festivals & Concerts

For over a decade Acorn Structures have designed and built staging and temporary structures for most of the UK and Ireland’s leading festivals and concerts.

Shaping the future of events with innovative solutions

Their reputation for innovative solutions has also led the company to shape events in Europe and the Caribbean.

Whether you need a temporary indoor arena for mass participation festivals or a small stage for an intimate concert, Acorn Structures has it all. With a complex portfolio of standard products and the design technology and experience to create bespoke structures that attract ticket sales, Acorn Structures has staging and ancillary solutions to make any event not only work but become a talking point of the future.

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Photography credits:
Pail Whiteley at Boomtown, Victorious Festival, John Millard Photography, Simon Fell at Alexandra Palace, Creamfields & Jack Kimber Photography, Paradise at Big Feastival