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Arts & Theatre

When you talk about the arts you are opening up a conversation about a very broad spectrum of creative skills that usually covers painting, acting, dancing and music. Theatre is certainly a huge part of the arts offering.

We provide versatility and innovative thinking for the arts and theatre sector

Acorn has been involved in providing staging and temporary structuresStructures for many genres within the arts sector for more than a decade.

Versatility and innovative thinking have led Acorn to complete a plethora of projects that have supported and promoted artists and actors.

From the design and build of the stupendous Shakespeare Rose Theatre in both York City Centre in 2018 as well as the grounds of Blenheim Palace in 2019 to something a little less complex like an entrance façade at an Art Fair. From the installation of the vast expanse of ground levelling platform across Regents Park, London for the structures to house Frieze London and Frieze Masters to be built on, to the temporary outdoor theatre for the Nevill Holt Opera to ensure performances could take place in 2021 despite Covid restrictions.

Because of the vast inventory of staging and Layher event system kit Acorn holds, along with the wealth of in-house knowledge in design, product capability and ability, Acorn is able to support their Arts and Theatre clients whether they require small truss support or vast unique structures that allows creativity to be displayed and performed in very many different types of location.

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